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Joe is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and has history of consulting in Statistical Analysis, Six Sigma, DFSS, ETP, TQM, SPC, GD&T, BP Reading, ISO 9000, ISO 13485, FMEA, DOE, Lean Manufacturing Reliability, QMS, AS9100 C and NADCAP, Maintainability Consulting facilitated to small and large teams since 1988. He is an instructor for most ASQ courses such as: CMI, CQT, CQA, CQME, CRE, CQE, Six Sigma, he’s also proficient in automated machine shop and adv. Mfg. methodology in metallic and composite operations. In addition, he’s an expert at Q-DAS SPC Software, Minitab 19 and Job Boss. Joe’s past clientele worldwide consists of: SpaceX, Honeywell, Doheny Eye Institute, Alcoa, Irwin Tool (Vice Grips), Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, ASQ, Rand Corporation, US Army, Pratt & Whitney, Kavlico, Pacific Sky, Ball Seal, Ametek, Baxter, Arrowhead Products, Haliburton Oil, JPL, Ball Container in PRC, Claxton Poultry, Hybrid Systems, Integral Aerospace, Micro Vention, Woodward Aero-Systems and Saudi Aramco. Throughout his career, Joe has been active as a Reliability Consultant, Master BlackBelt Consultant, Senior Quality Auditor, Quality Assurance Manager and Consultant, Instructor at the Los Angeles Technical College for Machine Shop Manufacturing, Instructor at the Coastline Community College in California, Quality Assurance Engineer, Process Control Engineer, Industrial Engineer. Throughout his long career, Joe has been involved and accomplished: Space manufacturing, maintained QMS – AS9100 D, ISO-2015, NADCAP regulations, performed continual improvement to Arrowhead, Boeing and NASA through Weld DOE, D-FMEA-RCCA-CAPA in defect reduction and eliminate delinquency of rocket engine propellent lines and strategize with PM, DE, MP&E, developed protocol to immediately identify SWOT for Zero-tolerance FOD Control processes, produce Swim Lane charting to identify bottle-necks by the Principle-primary customer, performed training to produce adequate internal auditors and CQE to support RCCA/CAPA, D-PFMEA, SPC and produced Green – Black Belt certification, responsible for management over all quality related activities as well as responsible for developing and implementing all quality systems in the company, Auditing systems, Inspection Plans, Statistical Analysis systems, Process Capability Studies and Geometric Dimensioning. Academics Doctorate of Business Administration – Adult Education – Concordia University M.S. Mathematics and Statistics – Paramount California University B.S. Quality Management – Paramount California University A.S. Quality Assurance – El Camino College U.C.L.A. Extension, Los Angeles, CA for California State Teaching Credential ASQ Certification Refresher Courses for CMI, CQT, CQE, CRE, CQME, CQA. AS9100 C and D Lead Auditor Training – Axeon American Society for Quality Fellow

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