Strategic Procurement Master – Advanced Diploma in Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

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This 5-day master class provides delegates with practical Procurement skills that provides a competitive edge across their relevant sectors.
Focusing on Cost out and Value add will Control your operating costs, minimize supply chain risks and maximize your business profits.
Mastery of Procurement and Supply management provides a competitive advantage to all companies. This five-day master class includes how to build and manage an optimal procurement function in direct and indirect spends that delivers both business and procurement targets.
This master class provides in depth knowledge for strategic Procurement specialists operating in Supply Chain and Procurement. Through a systematic approach and a controlled process, you will successfully move from tactical to a strategic procurement master.

Learn how world class Procurement leaders deliver success in organizations and how you can deliver transformational results. This Master class helps delegates become Procurement Masters:
→ Learn best practice approaches to buying goods and services.
→ Manage the risks and issues within your supply chain.
→ Reduce business costs and maximize your business profits.

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Position you and your function as a world class procurement practice that maximizes benefits across your organization.
Equip you with the strategic tools and models for enhanced commercial skills and byer-seller interactions.
Effectively remove cost from your business whilst minimizing business and operational risks to add value and improve profitability.
Learn when to formally Tender requirements and when it is more effective to seek proposals using Category Management methodology.
Learn the assembly of costs that build suppliers prices to gain knowledge in effective expenditure management.
Fully Integrate effective SRM resulting in mutually beneficial supplier relationships, improved communication and transparency

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Module 1
Strategic Procurement Mastery
Planning Procurements outcomes is critical for Success.
→ Setting the Strategy and tactics
→ Latest Trends and pressures affecting Strategic Procurement
→ Targeting operating structures and Responsibilities
→ What are the Roles and responsibilities?
→ Effective Team building and leadership skills
→ What are the Consultative and directive styles?
→ Preparing the Budgets and the financial planning
→ Setting the objectives
Engaging with Business Stakeholders
Procurement rarely own a spend budget, so they must engage effectively with the senior stakeholders of the business to gain coverage and influence across the spend base
→ Stakeholder interfaces using RACI matrix
→ Introduction to The Procurement Trinity
→ Procedures policies and protocols
→ Setting the Proactive Procurement Process
→ Joint objectives and preparing reports
→ Steering groups and Governance
Group Exercise – Defining key stake holders with RACI
Case study – Transforming your Procurement function in a services environment
Interactive game – Part 1: Procurements strategic approach in leading the business in strategic procurement
Module 2
Category Management Implementation
Driving change and managing the supply market organizes procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spend, thus creating new opportunities for savings and value.
→ Introducing The 5i methodology
→ Business and Benefits case
→ Who are the Preferred suppliers - what are the Risks and opportunities?
→ Global and Local category management
→ Understanding International procurement operations
→ Outsourcing
Application of Cost Price and Value Analysis
To fully understand how to manage expenditure Procurement must understand the assembly of costs that build suppliers prices
→ Total acquisition and Cost of Ownership
→ Whole Life costs
→ Identifying the Fixed and Variable costs
→ What are the Direct and indirect costs
→ How to Measure Value
→ Margin and Mark up
Capturing and Reporting your Benefits
Procurement must show its success through financial benefits and risk prevention. This is part of the extensive reporting it must be undertaken
→ Benefit reporting cost and risk reduction and profit maximization
→ Introducing of RAG method of rating for issues and status reports
→ Compliance and Key Performance Indicator reporting
→ Delivery of Value and bottom line Profit
Group Exercise – Category Design and implementation plan
Group Exercise – Designing metrics to award a contract
Case study – Document management to paperless advertising and media
Group Exercise – Completing a benefits and compliance report
Module 3
Strategic Sourcing
The process of identifying, evaluating, negotiating and optimizing the procurement of strategic goods and services that best support the strategic objectives of the business. The process should aim to standardize the sourcing process within an organization, place more spend under the prudent eye of procurement and ensure that any value generated is properly executed, measured and monitored.
→ Data Analytics and integrity
→ Conducting Market analysis
→ Demand Management and Definition of Requirements
→ Scope of Spend Under Management as a key metric for procurement performance
→ The 4 Value Levers of Public Procurement:
• Price-based levers
• Total cost levers
• Demand management levers
• Supply base levers
→ Selection of sourcing strategies
Strategic Tendering
The use of tendering tools is an essential lever for Procurement in managing supplier expenditure
→ Definition of requirements and specifications
→ Demand management challenges
→ Tendering and benchmarking – the difference between RFI & RFP
→ Restricted and Open approaches
Supplier Selection and Appointment
How you define your selection criteria for a supplier based on your priorities is key to procurement mastery
→ Selection of business evaluation metrics
→ Applying weightings and awarding business
→ Strategic Evaluation criteria
→ Defining Due diligence process and insights
Strategic Sourcing Models and Tools
The application and use of strategic tools to understand macro and micro impacts on procurement will assist in reducing costs and increasing value
→ Defining and understanding the:
7 stage Process and Compliance
• Risk and materiality assessment and management
• PESTLE, STEEPLE, Supplier Preference, Porters 5 Forces, Kraljic preference.
• Macro and Micro Economic factors affecting Procurement
• Optimal Application of Electronic Resource Planning, Purchase to Pay and E sourcing
• Understanding Balance sheets and profit and Loss
Negotiating Outcomes
A core skill to drive outcomes is the ability to negotiate successfully both with external vendors and internal stake holders
→ What are negotiating positions and getting the desired outcomes?
→ Preferences and personality profiling
→ Calculating and using Key ratios to drive outcomes
→ Resolution to issues and challenges encountered
→ How to regulate emotional situations and win trust
Interactive game – Part 2: Engaging the business stakeholders to agree on governance for strategic Procurement.
Group Exercise – Negotiating in a difficult situation
Module 4
Vendor Relationship Management
Integrating Supplier Relationship Management into your Procurement program will deliver mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, encourage improved communication, enhance openness and create transparency
→ How to determine the correct supplier relationships for your commodity and strategic requirements
→ Benefits of moving from tactical to partnership innovation
→ How to identify supplier Opportunities
Legal Contracts
To protect Value and prevent risk. Understanding that the benefits of sourcing is within the contract duration and means locking in the sourcing benefits
→ Use of Incoterms, Uniform commercial Code and other legal requirements
→ Contracting for success and Service level agreements
→ Successful Supplier Performance management and Key performance indicators
Supply Chain Management
Procurements role sits in the wider organization and to be successful must understand the logistics and operations of the business
→ Planning, scheduling and forecasting for agile and lean supply chains
→ Determining the right supply chain for your product
→ Importance of using ERP and data information management
→ Inventory replenishment and lead times.
→ Change and specification control
→ Logistics impact on total acquisition cost
Case Study – Moving from contract to strategic Supplier Relationship management
Interactive game – Part 3: Agreeing goals and objectives with stakeholders and sponsors for transformation
Module 5
→ Feedback and conclusions
→ Summary and Outcome of learnings
→ Interactive questions and answer session
Assessment and Exam
Delegates will complete a set of questions to demonstrate their understanding of this deep subject matter
→ Complete Feedback questionnaire
→ Diploma Awards and close out

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This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for
Everyone whose job entails spending money or managing third party suppliers, and the task of Procurement and Supply chain will benefit from this 5-day master class. Including: Supply Chain: Managers, Planners, Schedulers, Analysts. Procurement: Managers, teams, Buyers, Planners, Category Managers. Also functions interacting with Procurement, including: Financial personnel, budget-holders, Internal Auditors, Quality managers and teams, in-house engineers, Contract/ relationship and Vendor managers, Risk and compliance personnel, Spend analysis specialists, Transformation Project and Program Office managers and Operational personnel. Sales and Marketing Managers and teams.

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What language will the course be taught in and what level of English do I need to take part in an LEORON training program?
Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.
Are LEORON Public courses certified by an official body/organization?
LEORON Institute partners with 20+ international bodies and associations.We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:1. NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) 2. Project Management Institute PDUs 3. CISI credits 4. GARP credits 5. HRCI recertification credits 6. SHRM recertification credits
What is the deadline for registering to a public course?
The deadline to register for a public course is 14 days before the course starts. Kindly note that occasionally we do accept late registrations as well, but this needs to be confirmed with the project manager of the training program or with our registration desk that can be reached at +1071 4 1075 5711 or
What does the course fee cover?
The course fee covers a premium training experience in a 5-star hotel, learning materials, lunches & refreshments, and for some courses, the certification fee and membership with the accrediting bodies.
Does LEORON give discounts?
Yes, we can provide discounts for group bookings. If you would like to discuss a discount on a corporate level, we will be happy to talk to you.