Fathi Al H.

Fathi Al H.

Senior Expert
Technology & Development
حدد الموضوع المراد

عن المدرب

Fathi Al Habib is a seasoned professional with a highly proven track record of successful projects, related to system optimization, operational excellence, sustainability and quality process assurance. Passionate about the fields of reliability, planning, and continuous development, during his career he has held several top managerial positions within Sabic, as well as in other esteemed companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For 25+ years, while he was a part of the Petrochemical Industry, Fathi has accumulated Technical, Leadership and Managerial expertise, covering a wide spectrum of disciplines such as Operation Excellence Systems, Reliability, Maintenance, Engineering, Project Management and Inspection. Some of the managerial and engineering positions during his illustrious career include: Project Inspection Engineer at Aramco; Production Engineer at Alupco; Mechanical Design Engineer at ACEC; Reliability Group Leader and Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor at Ibn Sina-Sabic; Inspection Department Manager and Reliability Program Implementation Manager at Saudi Kayan-Sabic; Global Manufacturing Program Manager at Manufacturing Center of Excellence- Sabic; Director of Manufacturing Systems and Director of Operation Work Processes at the Center of Excellence-Sabic. Apart from his technical competencies, Fathi has establish a strong teamwork relationship with all of his team members and colleagues. Fathi has become very enthusiastic about the subject matters of consultation, teaching, and mentoring, thus after his retirement from Sabic he has dedicated his time and efforts to sharing his knowledge and helping the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industrial sectors in designing, developing, executing and optimizing processes, strategies and systems with well-defined theoretical and practical sets of work processes and KPIs, in order to materialize a sustained and reliable production and operational targets with a clear vision toward future business opportunities. Fathi possesses excellent command of both English and Arabic, has very strong communication and presentation skills, his national and international peers consider him as a strategic visionary who is able to link the daily activities with future opportunities and challenges. Moreover, he has exceptionally developed leadership skills, is crafty in problem solving and setting up mitigation plans and has repeatedly exceeded expectations. Fathi’s, as well as Leoron’s main objective is; through bespoke training course solutions, onsite consultation support, and in-depth coaching, to assist the development of our clients’ human factor competencies and prepare them to take on specific work and life challenges, so they can further achieve their strategic goals and objectives.
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