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As regulatory and compliance requirements evolve, organizations must be empowered to do the same. The Certified Compliance Professional program provides delegates the tools to assess and strengthen their own Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (GRC) environments.
Using global and regional frameworks as blueprints, the modules cover best practices that delegates can lean on to develop effective GRC practices, at both the individual and the organizational level, while also respecting or exceeding regulatory parameters, and giving tools to help their organization reduce risk.

المخرجات الرئيسية

Regulatory and compliance deep dive
Leveraging international frameworks to augment local realities
Preventing and detecting financial crimes
Building GRC systems and controls, aligned to ISO 37301 and other global standards
Demystifying cybersecurity, and safeguarding data

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The International Academy of Business and Financial Management™ is one of the world’s fastest growing professional association with more than 200,000 members, associates and affiliates in 145 countries. IABFM™ hosts and organizes certification training worldwide and offers exclusive board designations to candidates who meet the highest professional standards and assessment criteria. The IABFM is credited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) the International Standards setting authority.

محتوى الدورة التدريبية

Part 1
Global Regulatory Frameworks
→ Overview of the global regulatory environment
→ The role of compliance within an organization
→ Major stakeholders in the compliance chain
→ Tangible benefits of strong compliance structure
→ Evolution of compliance internationally
→ Compliance framework gold standards
→ Inter-country cooperation and crossborder compliance obstacles
→ ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems
→ Using regulatory and compliance toolkits
→ Key regulatory inventory
→ Evolution of compliance in the Middle East
→ OECD, FATCA, FBAR and other Common Reporting Standards
Part 2
Tone at the Top & Compliance Culture
→ What is Compliance Culture?
→ Industry vs. market vs. regulatory pressures
→ The Values Led Mindset
→ Changing and embedding culture
→ Why does Governance matter?
→ Key Corporate Governance Principles
→ Governance, Risk and Compliance: the framework
→ Awareness, communication, education
→ Accountability frameworks
→ Incentivizing ethical behaviour
→ Independent compliance assessments
→ Corporate Maturity
• What is Maturity?
• Achieving corporate maturity
• The Maturity Framework
• The role of employees in developing your Maturity Framework
Part 3
Office of the Chief Compliance & Chief Risk Management Officers
→ An introduction to compliance
→ Organizational structure of the compliance function
→ The role of the board of directors, management, and internal/external audit
→ The need for Internal Controls
→ Understand how to identify, mitigate and control risks effectively
→ The Role and Responsibilities of Chief Compliance officer
→ The Role and Responsibilities of Chief Risk Management officer
→ Key compliance risk inventory
→ Building corporate compliance policies
→ Corporate Governance and Financial Crime Prevention
→ Compliance training and compliance culture
→ Ongoing compliance with laws and regulations
→ Creating a Compliance Monitoring Program
→ General principles for performing Compliance Monitoring Testing
→ Raising compliance issues arising from Compliance Monitoring Testing
→ Reputational risk and anti-trust regulations
→ Compliance frameworks throughout the supply chain
Part 4
Financial Crime
→ Defining financial crime vs. fraud
→ Understanding anti-money laundering (AML)
→ Cross-jurisdictional treaties and enforcement
→ Off-shore banking
→ Challenges for financial institutions
→ Reporting requirements
→ Development of the Risk Based Approach
→ Understanding anti-terrorism laundering (ATF)
→ Frameworks for identifying suspicious activity
→ Monitoring, detection and reporting breaches
→ Designing an effective internal reporting system
→ Managing the investigation process
→ Bribery and corruption
→ Insider trading
→ Market manipulation
→ Sanctions and their role in the global economy
→ Trade Based Money Laundering
→ Third Party Risks and Due Diligence
→ Financial crime risk through subsidiaries
→ Protecting against financial crime during a pandemic
Part 5
Information Security Risk Management
→ Introduction to information security risk management
→ Global information regulatory trends
→ Data privacy compliance
• International frameworks
− GDPR / CCPA / NIST and others
− Data privacy
− Data consent
− Personal data
− Data processing
• Local realities
→ Implementing a data compliance framework
→ Data sensitivity
→ The Cybersecurity function
→ Information security governance
→ Data security policies
→ Limited data collection
→ Data encryptions
→ Identifying and thwarting cyberattacks
→ Preparing employees
→ Protection in the age of e-commerce

على من يجب الحضور؟

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for
This program is designed to provide a holistic overview of compliance. All professionals with responsibility for compliance will benefit by attending, specifically:
→ Compliance Officers/Managers and their Deputies
→ Managers with responsibility for internal compliance controls
→ Managers and Executives
→ Professionals Risk Managers
→ Legal Advisers and Lawyers
→ Auditors and Audit Managers
→ Regulatory Representatives
→ Accountants
→ Company Secretaries

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What language will the course be taught in and what level of English do I need to take part in an LEORON training program?
Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.
Are LEORON Public courses certified by an official body/organization?
LEORON Institute partners with 20+ international bodies and associations.We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:1. NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) 2. Project Management Institute PDUs 3. CISI credits 4. GARP credits 5. HRCI recertification credits 6. SHRM recertification credits
What is the deadline for registering to a public course?
The deadline to register for a public course is 14 days before the course starts. Kindly note that occasionally we do accept late registrations as well, but this needs to be confirmed with the project manager of the training program or with our registration desk that can be reached at +1071 4 1075 5711 or
What does the course fee cover?
The course fee covers a premium training experience in a 5-star hotel, learning materials, lunches & refreshments, and for some courses, the certification fee and membership with the accrediting bodies.
Does LEORON give discounts?
Yes, we can provide discounts for group bookings. If you would like to discuss a discount on a corporate level, we will be happy to talk to you.