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The qualifications listed in the job advertisement are designed to assist candidates select a specific role which best fits their qualification and aspirations.
Phone Interview
During the phone Interview, you’ll speak with an HR Specialist and the conversation should last between 5 and 20 minutes.
You will be expected to speak in fluent English. You could be asked to explain further details from your resume.
Onsite Interviews
During the onsite interview, you should meet with three employees, for about 30 minutes total.
The interviewers are potential line-managers, Directors, and representatives from the HR unit.
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    Associate Director, Instructional Design and Planning
    I joined Leoron 10 years ago as an International Sales Consultant. Since then, I’ve been encouraged and pushed to keep learning and take on more encouraging responsibilities. I have had numerous opportunities to improve my skills and today, I am the Head of Quality overseeing all company processes and working towards continuous improvements. What I love most about LEORON is its distinctive culture which stems from its exceptional team. Everyone is approachable, dedicated, and a team-player. The support and guidance I received from both my peers and the management keeps exceeding my expectations.
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    Senior Training Consultant, Sales & Business Development
    My career path in Leoron started almost 3 years ago. I will celebrate my 3-year anniversary this December and I am really looking forward to it. I’ve started as International Training Consultant and after two years of gaining experience and knowledge, I’ve been promoted to Senior Training Consultant. I am fascinated by the dozens of opportunities we have within our Company, starting with the enormous opportunity to upgrade, improve, develop, and collect skills, finishing with the numerous high-class benefits we have as employees. Furthermore, I must share the chance they give us to enroll in whatever course we want, in order to gain a prestigious Certification issued by world-class Academies or Universities and increase the width of our knowledge. I picked the Certified Digital Marketing Professional Training program, and I am thrilled to announce that I passed the exam and now I’m officially CDMP Certified 😊 Eagerly awaiting on many more years of happiness and growth.
  • testimonial_user_img
    International Training Consultant, Sales & Business Development
    I joined Leoron 1 Year ago as an International Training Consultant. One year, but it passed like the wind. It has been a roller coaster, however, Leoron helped me change. I had many challenges that made improve for the best and made me learn more about myself and my skills. One of the best things I love about Leoron is that with some effort, I know that I can do things beyond my job description, and I will be recognized and supported for that. Here, I met some amazing people, who guided me through my journey, and I know for sure that they will be there every time I need them, because being a team player, being there for each other, is what we value the most in Leoron.
  • testimonial_user_img
    Senior Training Consultant, Sales & Business Development
    1st of April, the journey started in Team Africa, in which I was appointed to collaborate in the East African Market, countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. It was not an April fool’s joke, out of sudden I was calling clients in Nairobi, and Dar es Salam and discussing their training needs. A great chance to meet people which I could not connect if the Leoron organization was not here. I earned a good friendship with those people, there were funny situations a lot, like the one when one client threatened that if I don’t accept working with him, he would use his superstition magic and turn me into a FROG. But here I am, still human being, 3 and half years of experience, many deals and collaborations closed, many training programs delivered, business trips to places that I was dreaming about & part of the GCC market, in a bigger and stronger team. I was appointed as a Team Leader in the same team I professionally grew up, working closely with the people that welcomed me on that day 1st of April 2019.
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    Senior Training Consultant - Team Leader, Sales & Business Development
    At the age of 21, I began working for Leoron, which was my first corporate position in Macedonia. I am commemorating six wonderful years with Leoron - PDI this year. Leoron has assisted me in reaching my full potential on both a personal and professional level. What I appreciate most about Leoron is that we foster the development of future business leaders and professionals within our team, and that every skill is recognized. Leoron is a career path rather than just a regular employment.
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